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The hero of Vis battle

Nikola Karkovic was born in Hvar on August 3, 1838 and died of stroke on September 7, 1918 in Trieste. (in those days, as now also, governments and countries changed and so Trieste was the biggest port in Austro-Hungarian monarchy). After the war he was brought to Gorica on the Slovenian side, and finally on May 5, 1976 to his birth town Hvar. He was accompanied by his daughter Nikolina who was 96 years old at that time. I don't want to write about things I am not very much in common with, so I will write more about Nikola's life later. 

The picture presents us with that critical moment when Tagetthoff's admiral ship "Ferdinand Max"presses on forward towards Italian ship "Palestro". This is when Nikola KarkoviƦ captured the Italian flag, turned the battle and became the hero.
In the same time another Italian battleship burns after its ammunition exploded.

Nikola Karkovic - the hero of Vis battle